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Re: PC: LIRR HEP Units

Further info on the LIRR HEP units. The 600-604 all were retired with the 
original 244 prime movers intact. The 605 up were all re-engined with either 
Cat or Cummins gen sets and have been drastically modified internally to the 
extent that it would be doubtfull if they could ever be locomotives again.  
The 601 was the ex L&N 317 and the 602 was the ex L&N 309. This is  verified 
as I am part owner of these two units and have seen the frame numbers. The 
AHRS owns the 603 ex L&N 315. All these units still have the 244 prime movers 
intact . They are currently stored in NJ. 
                                                        Ken McCorry

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