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Re: PC: Re: Templeton, IN

>I took a few shots at Templeton back in 1976.  

If anyone gets the chance to photograph the Kankakee,
Beaverville, & Southern RR, its well worth the drive to follow
them along this line (that is, assuming they are running 
anything.  Best bet is during the week).  They operate the
old NYC line from Kankakee all the way down to Lafayette,
with their little "yard" at Iroquois as the hub.  They also use
the old NKP from Templeton west to some point in Illinois,
which escapes me right now.  Plus some short portions of
the NYC Danville line southward from the NKP crossing at
Handy, and even some of the old MILW trackage around

What I've seen them do is this:  at Templeton, they reshuffle
the engines so as to place one of them on the rear of the train.
This is because they have a long backup move at Lafayette,
and they can use this extra engine in the lead while backing
up.  On the return trip north, I assume they reposition all the
engines back on the head end.

Interestingly, Conrail's daily train to Lafayette from Indy used
a caboose for the same reason - the long back-up at Lafayette.
Once I saw them use an additional engine on the rear of the
train.  Maybe the caboose was in the shop.  Not sure whether
this train still runs in the same manner, since this would now
be a CSX train.

Charles Streetman
Glen Ellyn, IL
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