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Re: PC: Looking for Alco FA-2 PC# 1350 photo..

The FA at Danbury Railway Museum is neither an ex-LIRR unit, nor an FA-2. It is an ex-VIA FPA-4. I saw it at DRM while it was still in VIA blue paint. It is now painted in a modified PC 'red P' scheme.

I don't recall that there were any US roads with FPA-4s, if that's correct, than this would have always been a Canadian unit.

Also, I believe Bryan is correct, some of the LIRR power cars were L&N FAs.

Peter King 

 ---- On Dec 14 lnrr -AT- juno.com wrote: 
> > Would you happen to know the origin of this unit?  I suspect it is 
> > an
> > ex-LIRR power car (prime mover intact, no traction motors) but can't
> > remember where LIRR got it's FA-2s from to chop on.  Some were WM, 
> > and a
> > couple may have originally been NH / PC.
> Some LIRR Alcos were L&N, although L&N got some of their locomotives
> second-hand!
> Bryan Turner
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