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PC: Wrong Again!

If you didn't see any Alcos from L&N that came to LIRR via GE you didn't
get pictures of everything.

Their builders numbers were: 80903, 80904, 81086, 81087, 81964 and 81968.

Want more proof? Portola bought one (bn 81086, LIRR 604, L&N 314) and
have it listed on their web page's roster.

Still hanging on to your misconceptions? You can check out the Ilinois
Railway Museum's roster, since they bought Portola's L&N/LIRR Alco.

Still not convinced? Check pages 17-18 of Extra 2200 South #111.

There is a web page listing some surviving Alcos at:
While not complete, it does have a couple of LIRR's L&N Alcos listed.

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> I got pictures of every WM, SPS, PC, NYC FA at GE,  North Bergen and
> never was any L&N units there. GE rebuilt nine units there. Where did
> alleged L&N FA's come from and get rebuilt? What a book may say and
> really there are two different things. 

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