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Power Cars and Prime Mover Transporter

"Gerhard A. Stuebben" wrote:
Does anyone know the history behind "Power Unit" 80041 (a converted SW-1), or what the PC used it for?

PC created two power units for the ballast cleaning train 

80040 - PRR 8546, PRR 5946 (SW-1) - Built during late 1969-early 1970
80041 - PC 8549, PRR 8549, PRR 5949 (SW-1) - Built 1970-1971

PC modified these units by enclosing the cab area including the back "porch" up to the steps and installing a generator that would provide power for the ballast cleaning train.  Without lights or an operating cab, the unit could not travel under its own power unless it was operated by remote control.  Both survived until Conrail and were stored at Altoona by 1978.  

PC also created a prime mover transporter from an F7b (NYC 3441, NYC 2441) and numbered it 73600.  PC used it to transport engines for the RS-3M program.  It too survived until Conrail and was stored at Altoona by 1978.  Short of transporting engines in the original units i.e. an e-unit could carry two engines, this was the most secure way of moving them.  Most of the engines for the "Dewitt Geep" (RS-3M) project were removed and rebuilt at Altoona and installed at Dewitt Yard, Syracuse, NY.  

Bob Holzweiss
"Robert.Holzweiss -AT- bush.nara.gov"

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