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Re: PC: Looking for Alco FA-2 PC# 1350 photo..


Thanks again for your kind offer.  Even with engine number 1390, I don't
recall FAs ever being numbered in this series.  Yes, I'd be very interested
in getting a copy of the slide and would certainly reimburse you for all
reproduction costs.  I understand Kodak still does a reasonably good job and
they are convenient (through photo shops that send processing to Kodak).  Or
if you'd prefer, I could have the slide duplicated, but I'll be out of town
for a couple of weeks so we'd best wait until next month if you decide to go
that route.

Too bad I didn't know about this engine earlier.  I was in Danbury for the
first time over the Thanksgiving weekend.  They had some weird stuff sitting
around, but I didn't see any signs of an FA-2.

Would you happen to know the origin of this unit?  I suspect it is an
ex-LIRR power car (prime mover intact, no traction motors) but can't
remember where LIRR got it's FA-2s from to chop on.  Some were WM, and a
couple may have originally been NH / PC.

Are you a railroad engineer or mechanical / civil / electrical / chemical /
etc. engineer?  I'm a civil engineer, Lehigh Univ. class of 1975.

Best Wishes,

Gary Stuebben
426 Irving Ave.
Dayton, OH 45409

(937) 296-1419

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> I screwed up after a double check of the slide PC #1350. I have PC#1390
>has the red P, the slide was given to me by a friend who shot it at the
>Danbury Ct railroad museum this year. If you still want it let me know.I'll
>be glad to ship it to you.
> Sorry for the goof up.
>       Chip Syme

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