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Re: PC: RFK Funeral Train

Garrett Rea wrote:

> Gents:
> In PC power, there is a comment w/the RFK train photos about the train being
> late and "trackside fatalities".  It also states that the photographer had a
> cop pull a gun on him.  Why was the police (secret service?) so cautious,
> due to the nature of RFK's demise I suppose.  Were the fatalities
> train-mourner related?
> It also said that the procession was brodcast on TV, does this footage still
> exist?  TV or national archives?
> What is the disposition of PC business car (funeral car) 120?  A friend of
> my father (his college roomate) bid on it back in the 70s when PC was
> selling a fleet of business cars, but they all went for more than what he
> had set on them.
> Garrett Rea              I was working for the PC on the day of the train.  I
> remember that the train had at least one newly painted GG-1 motor.  The
> fatality was someone hit in Elizabeth, N.J. by eastbound train 50, The
> Admiral.  The tower operators at Elmora, Union, and Lincoln were given much
> grief over this.  I remember the operator at Lincoln was Vince or Vinnie
> Farrell.  If I think about it I can probably remember more details, if anybody
> cares.  I have not seen the article in any magazine.  I can be reached at
> 973-648-7286.

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