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Subject: U-Deal | THE Collector's Exchange
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I'd like to alert you to a new resource available to antique and 
collectible dealers  that will enable you to reach new customers
and increase your sales . 

U-Deal | THE Collector's Exchange

U-Deal is THE Person-to-Person Online Auction House built by
collectors, for collectors. It has just been released on the 
internet and can be found at http://www.u-deal.com . 

Do you have inventory that just sits around gathering dust? That item 
that never seems to move from your store shelf, may be exactly what
somebody out there is looking for! On U-Deal, you can place your items 
where a vast number of buyers can see them. 

When you list your inventory on U-Deal, its like having thousands of new 
visitors in your store every day. More buyers seeing your merchandise
means faster turnover, larger sales volume, decreased inventory 
expense, increased cash flow, and greater profitability. Competitive
bidding means selling at the maximum price the market will bear, 
and therefore, larger profit margins. 

Set up a business account with U-Deal and any item you list is free 
of charge, regardless of its listed value! If it doesn't sell, you
owe nothing, AND you can re-list your items up to three additional 
times within one year FREE! There is NO RISK. You only pay a small 
sales commission (never more than 3%) if your item sells.  Compare
us to any other online auction and add up the savings! 

If you have your own web site, you can even earn sales commssions
from the U-Deal affiliate program! Just put our link on your site,
then as customers sign on from your site you'll receive a commission
ANY time that customer makes a transaction. Up to 20% of the sale!

Check us out, Today. We want to be Your Online Auction Service!

James B. Edwards, CEO
U-Deal | THE Collector's Exchange

U-Deal | THE Collectors' Exchange

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