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Re: PC: RFK Funeral Train

I remember that day in 1968 very well.  I was sad, but excited to see these 
two freshly - painted PC G's on the train.  Unfortunately, the PC got 
typical bad press because of all the troubles involved.  As i remember, one 
of the fatalities involved a spectator getting on top of a boxcar and 
touching the catenary wires, thus triggering that person's untimely demise.  
I believe that either the protection power ahead or the funeral train itself 
hit someone along the way.  There were so many people along the way that 
were crowded to the tracks to see the train go through, it was bound to 
happen.  The reason for the security was because things were going to hell - 
first M.L. King Jr. in April, then RFK in June - there were a lot of 
important people on the train, and no one wanted to take any chances with 
them.  It was a very hot day as I recall.  I was 11 at the time, and all 
this was a lot to try an comprehend at that age.

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>Subject: PC: RFK Funeral Train
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>In PC power, there is a comment w/the RFK train photos about the train 
>late and "trackside fatalities".  It also states that the photographer had 
>cop pull a gun on him.  Why was the police (secret service?) so cautious,
>due to the nature of RFK's demise I suppose.  Were the fatalities
>train-mourner related?
>It also said that the procession was brodcast on TV, does this footage 
>exist?  TV or national archives?
>What is the disposition of PC business car (funeral car) 120?  A friend of
>my father (his college roomate) bid on it back in the 70s when PC was
>selling a fleet of business cars, but they all went for more than what he
>had set on them.
>Garrett Rea

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