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Re: PC: NJCB N6 Transfer cab painting/assembly

I built an N9e sme time ago from brass, and made it so the cabin could be 
removed by unscreing it from the floor, sliding it to one side to free the 
handrails, then angled up to slide off the other end's rails.

This does scrape the paint off of the rails on one side, but they are easy to 
touch up with a brush.

Another option is to start thinking  "ship in a bottle" methods.  It should 
be possible to cut the glazing required so that it will fit through the 
window opening diagonally and on edge. It could then pulled back up against 
the opeing. A stick with some tacky adhesive should work to hold the glazing, 
and a small wire hook could be
used to apply some CA glue to the back side of the window opening before 
seating the glazing.

This will test your patience, but if you don't want to chance disassembling 
your model, it's probably worth the effort.


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