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Re: PC: Flexi-Flo car for Herald King decals

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Subject:        	Re: PC: Flexi-Flo car for Herald King decals
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For you modelers who have a waybill system when I was on the EL 
we loaded these cars at Hercules Cement at Nazareth, PA and 
took them to Martins Creek and delivered them to the PC. The cars 
then went to the RFP at Pot Yard for delivery to a bulk cement 
storage facility in Richmond, VA. Also shipped cement on this 
routing from Lone Star Cement in EL covered hoppers and from 
Universal Atlas cement in Northampton and Bath cars.
Bob Stafford
A number of years ago AHM made a  Flexi-Flo car correct for the NYC/PC/CR. 
These turn up at train shows once in awhile in the 4-10 dollar range. 
Replacing the handrail assemblies on the end platforms and trucks/couplers 
gives a pretty nice car. The AHM car is a match fot the Lot 963H cars built 
by ACF in 1965. NYC numbers 885825-885899. There is a good color shot of one 
of these in the NYC Color Guide for Freight and Pass. by Morning Sun. The 
Flexi-Flo pictured in the PC color guide is a different Lot car #996H . Both 
types had them same numbers on the PC.
                                                                 Ken McCorry

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