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PC: PC Originals

Over the years, I have collected a bunch of junk, but some of them are turning out to be prizes.  My dad was a traffic manager for Martin Marietta's refractories division, and knew all the railroad sales reps in Baltimore and Washington.  A lot of these guys ended up retiring early, or with CR and CSX.
Most of my booty is the result of these gentlemen and their sales trinkets.  I recently received an original PC Metroliner tie clasp.  The finish is a little rough, but I'm thinking of having it re-silvered.  (It will go nicely with my porcelain GG1 tie clasp--original PRR circa late 50's)
I also have a Metroliner (PC) paper weight, a 3' tape measure, and a number of maps.
I wonder if anyone remembers when PC had a merchandise catalog (I think it was in '73 or '74)  I got a couple of brass PRR buttons and some poster reprints.
I am interested in finding out more about PC sales premiums, or other CR predecessors.  Any thoughts on good sources?

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