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Re: PC: PC in Trains

On Wed, 1 Dec 1999 lnrr -AT- juno.com wrote:
> Yes, there was a Penn Central disclaimer in his mention! Still, I don't
> think any manager could have kept PC afloat much longer under the same
> conditions.

Perlman fought Saunders and the Red Team tooth and nail. Perlman was successful
in removing several Red Team top managers before Saunders convinced the board
that Perlman was a nutcase and got him ousted on his arse. 

Perlman had a huge chip on his shoulder throughout PC because he felt his road
was for all intents and purposes absorbed by the PRR. In most ways it was and
certainly appeared that way. PC was headquarted at the Red Team's Philly
offices and the Green Team's New York City offices were pretty much dismantled.
Perlman refused to leave New York and spent a lot of time and effort
undermining the Red Team's authority. I can't blame him for it, the NYC was a
great road and the PRR management milked it to death in the early days of PC.

Don't get me wrong, while I love the Central I am also a devoted Standard of
the World fan and always will be, they just had the upper hand in the merger
and really did a number on the Water Level Route.

>From computers to employees to motive power and rolling stock and beyond, the
two roads were just not compatible and no single man could have forseen the
problems and solutions needed to make a nightmare like PC work, let alone two
powerful men constantly at odds with each other. 

Maybe Young knew what would happen and took the easy way out so he wouldn't
have to live to see it all happen....

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