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Re: PC: Article identification

> At an August railroad show I bought a  2" X 4" oval aluminum plate about
> 3/16 " thick. It has two mounting holes cast/drilled. Cast on it at the
> top part of the oval is PENNCENTRAL and in a rectangle at the bottom is
> stamped the number AT 1703.
> Can anyone tell me what this was used for? Seller said it came of
> freight cars.

Hi Robert,

Did the oval piece look like this (from an auction on eBay):


My guess is that they attached them to tools and various pieces of 
equipment as a proof-of-ownership tag, but I can't say for sure. There
were actually two auctions for these tags on eBay--one tag the
seller said was stamped for a "M/W slotter", the other was stamped
for a "grinder", so it sounds like something they attached to tools
and other equipment.

No idea what an "AT" would be, though....


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