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Re: PC: Re: May be sooner than we thought-

Walt and all, Atlas is coming out with a HO version of the GP40. The 
prototypes that were displayed at the Chicago Hobby show were nice, with 
separate grabs and many other details. These are due out early 2000. There 
were so nice I am going back tomorrow. When I asked about if there was plans 
for a GP38, The answer was we have a GP40. Atlas also announced a EL and B&O 
cars in their 60' Auto parts box. Walthers has a new series of structures 
based in asphalt/concrete. These Cement plant, front end loaders, and dump 
trucks, Due in Feb. March releases include a ready mix plant and 6 new 
roadnames for the 37' Trinity Cement Hoppers. In April RTR 44' Ortner 
Aggerate Hoppers are due. In May the Glacier Grave Co will be offered as a 
deluxe kit?. June's kits are a asphalt plant.

Seth Lakin
Chesterton IN

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>Subject: PC: Re: May be sooner than we thought-
>Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 16:47:28 -0400
>What about the Atlas GP-40?? It was announced at Chicago that Atlas IS
>coming out with a GP-40!!!
>    PC had  275 of them, it would be nice to see them do a PC with the 
>Of course that messes me up, I'm doing a bash of an Athearn.
>                                                                     Walt
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>Date: Saturday, October 30, 1999 4:20 PM
>Subject: PC: May be sooner than we thought-
> >Today's annoucement from D&S hobbies (10/30/1999):
> >
> >
> >Stewart did NOT have a sample of the Alco C630 at the show. He said that 
> >will have it within two weeks and deliveries of the undecorated units are
> >scheduled by year-end. Decorated models will be after the first of the
> >They also announced that the Baldwin RS-12 will be released again. They
> >be equipped with the made in USA drive. Road names include PRR, PC and
> >Jersey Central.
> >
> >I see more diesel projects in my future............
> >
> >Garrett Rea
> >
> >
> >

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