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PC: Atlas GP 40 re-release

>From D&S Hobbies-


The GP40 was announced at the show. This is an all new model with dual
flywheels and will be DCC ready. The undecorated unit will include parts to
model both a dynamic brake version and a non-dynamic brake version. Initial
road names include BN (#3513, 3517), CN (#4006, 4008), Chessie (#3684,
3690), CB&Q (#605, 619), Conrail (#3008, 3050), D&RGW (#3068, 3080), L&N
(#3002, 3009), SP (Ex D&RGW #3059, #7122) and WP (#3508, 3511). Each road
name will also be available in a painted and unnumbered unit. The price has
not yet been determined.

No mention of PC, but with CR units......

There is a shot of an undec one, NICE!!!!

10/28/1999 Chicago Show announcements can be seen at:


No news on the supposed P2K SD35 either, that may be a false lead, then

Unrelated, P2K did have their steam loco shown @ $375 and selling out


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