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Re: PC: PC in Knox County Ohio

The line through Howard Oh. was on the PRR and PC's Akron Secondary Track. PC 
 Southern Region timetable #1 April 28, 1968 shows Columbus mp 144.3 to 
Orrville mp 37.2 The line was severed the evening of July 4th 1969 during a 
bad flood. I don't know much about the bottom end of the railroad but, I do 
know the PC had a local at MT Vernon. I'm sure the track ran to Millersburg 
then washed out from there up to Orrville. The upper section was refereed to 
as the Hook and Eye as it passed the   Amish country. I don't know if the 
bottom was ever CR. or just showed up as ownership on the maps.  Chip Same

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