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Re: PC: U-conversions


Meant to send an email response to this message earlier, but here goes.  In
regard to the Atlas U23B weights being too wide to accept the U25B shell, simply
have the weights narrowed by either a machinist, or put a milling bit in a drill
press and remove material that way.  If you measure the inside width of the
shell, and compare that to the outside width of the weights, you will know how
much material to take off of each side of the weights.  I can't imagine that it
is that much.  On another note, don't forget that Stewart put out versions of
their U25B with both an Athearn drive and a Kato drive.  I'm sure that if you
keep your eyes open at train shows the Kato units still show up from time to

And finally, for those who might be trying to find a Stewart U25B in order to
model a PC unit, I have one Phase II, and two Phase IV units I am trying to
sell.  All have the Athearn drive, one ph IV is undec, and the other ph IV and
ph II are painted Conrail (road numbers 2526 and 2685).  I had intended to use
these to model PC U25Bs that showed up on the L&N back in the early 1970s.  I am
asking $40 each for them, and this includes shipping.  If interested contact me
off list.

Sam Reynolds

Garrett Rea wrote:

> I wish the Stewart U25B fit on the Atlas U23B chassis, the weights are a
> little too wide.  The next step is some P2K ARR trucks and an A-line can
> motor conversion, will run "almost" as well as Atlas....
> Garrett

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