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PC: Stewart artwork and six axel Alcos....

>> Stewart will need Hi-Ad trucks for all of the C-636s and some
>> C-630s.
>And they'll need to do a better job on the paint than they did with the
>L&N 628!

With the number of details (the Detail Associates set is supposedly due
soon) that you need to put on this loco, I doubt that many serious modelers
will be buying factory painted models anyhow.  The artwork on the fleet of
Stewart hoppers I have here at the house are quite nice, miles above much of
Bowser's lettering!

If the High Adheasion six wheel trucks are the same wheelbase as SD trucks,
what is the chance of modifying some Kato or Athearn (one has to be similar
to the Stewart mounting) trucks and convincing someone (Forward Train
Station!) to make some sideframes?

Does anyone know if the Details Associate set will include the cover over
the vent on the side that early C628s had?

Garrett Rea

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