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Re: PC: PC Modeler's Rumors...

Regarding the C-630 the rumors are true Stewart should display a 
preproduction model at the Chicago show. In talking with Steve Stewart I 
believe that a C-636 will not be built. It does not share common parts like 
the walkway and handrails as the 628/630 models do. Regarding the Hi-ad 
trucks I've asked Steve if they intend to do a Hi-ad 630 and the response was 
no. The axle spacing on a Hi-ad is the same as a EMD flexi coil truck found 
on SD-40's and 45's so a completly new truck would be needed. As far as the 
E-44 rumors when developing the 628 Steve asked some local modelers one of 
which was me to give him a list of other diesels that used the same wheelbase 
truck as the 628 for future model possibilities. The C-630 was one the RSD-12 
and RSD-15 was another a U-25C as well as the E-33 and E-44. All of these are 
possibilities. Once the 630 is out the next products to hit the market should 
be the 50' RBL boxcar and the Baldwin VO-1000. Anything else will come after 
these two products hit the market. Also the AS-616 will be rereleased with 
the 628 trucks with new Commonwealth sideframes and the Buhler motor. Would 
anyone on the list be interested in some H-39 or H-37 hoppers with the 
original PC scheme with the spelled out Penn Central under the worms logo ?   
    Ken McCorry

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