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PC: PC Modeler's Rumors...

Two interesting rumors I uncovered on my recent vacation...
Both of these involve Stewart Hobbies.

The first is not much of a rumor, but now closer to fact, the Alco C-630
will be produced, and apparently samples of this loco should be displayed
at the upcoming Chicago Hobby Show.  Independent confirmamtion of this
rumor can be found in the Railroad Telegraph (http://www.onerrave.com)

This little twist on the C-628 was made apparent to alert C-628 buyers by
the window glass sprue that had both styles of cab windows.

Can the C-636 be far behind???

The second rumor is that someone has convinced Stewart that an E-44
electric would be a viable spinoff from the six axle Alco work they have
done so far.  Rumor has it that the suggestion was well received and under

I have my doubts about this rumor. I haven't checked my dimensional data,
but I think the *only* common parts between the locos would be the trucks.
Shell, underframe & underframe details would all be radically different.

Limited appeal & region?  Pennsy, Penn Central, Conrail and Amtrak.
Seeing that Atlas went ahead with the AEM-7; 5 schemes if you count NJ
Transit ALP-44, this may not be an issue.

Stay tuned...

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