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PC: Re: Brass HO PC cabin on sale

I have one of these, though not purchased at The Caboose. I compared it to
pictures in the PC freight car book. The bad news is that the car is nothing
like an N6. The N6 had a fishbelly underframe, and 3 windows. The model has
a straight frame and single window.

The good news is that it is a fairly accurate N9 caboose. I can't vouch for
the dimensions, but all the details look right for the N9.

$65 sounds like a good price, I think I paid about $75 for mine, which I
also cinsidered a bargain.

Peter King in NY

>The caboose in CT has an "internet sale" going on right now, and one of the
>cars listed (with some PRR head end stuff that was tempting too) is the
>Custom Brass ex-NYC/PC N6 transfer cabin.  I ordered mine today and was
>that they are new, come sans trucks, and they still have a few in stock and
>they are $65 each until Oct 27.
>They ship USPS (boycott UPS!), seemed nice on the phone, and I hope to do
>more business with them in the future.
>Thought I would pass this one on-
>Garrett Rea

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