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PC: on the subject of painting locomotives

Since the subject of what is the correct color has been
popping up here, I would like to ask something along that

I would like to model some PC freight units in this DLGE
or Brunswick green.  From some of the posts it sounds like
PC mixed the DLGE with black and from others it sounds as
if it was used straight.  Can someone shed light on this
aspect of the conversation.  I am not at all concerned about
shade of green or who's green to use.  What I would like to
know is should I mix 1/2 green to 1/2 black or just shoot
straight green?

Now for the real question.  Could someone please give me some
units and their road numbers that were not shot straight engine
black but ones that did have this green tint?  Preferably in the
GP35 series.  Others as well would be nice too.  Thanks.

On the subject of paint, and I know this has been hashed over many times
so please do not get upset with what I have to say.  Don't kill yourself
over the "CORRECT" shade of what ever color you are using.  If it is
close enough, it is good because in the real world the elements wreak havoc
on paint and its "CORRECT" shade.  Unless your modeling a unit that is
one hour out of the paint shop, forget it.  If you want proof of what I am
talking about, take a look at the BN photo archive pages and you will see
so many different shades of BN green it would make you sick to try and
duplicate them.  Also, remember paint scales as well.  If you were to take
the exact same prototype paint and shoot it on your N-Scale or HO model, it
would not at all look the same as the 1:1 scale real thing.  Depending on the
color your model will look a bit darker or lighter.  Lighter colors look 
lighter and darker colors look darker.  To many people get into shooting 
over what is the right color.  The model paint manufacturers do a pretty good
job and there really is no "perfect match".  There is always that one exception
to the rule and in this case is if you are modeling that brand new pristine
right out of the paint shop prototype.

I do not at all worry about the shade.  Yes there are special cases when a 
certain paint is just way off the scale and you need to do a mix, but for us
PC, PRR, CR modelers it is very hard to miss with standard paints.  I am very
happy with my black PC units.  I vary the shade of black depending on how
weathered I want them to look.  I use Engine or Steam Power black and mix it
up to 50% with Grimy black.  I would like to add a few of the DLGE units in as
well for flavor hence my two questions above.

My deepest apologies to anyone who is a die hard paint rivet counter.  The 
statement are my views only and I wanted to see if they would possibly help
others out in their quest for the "CORRECT" shade.

Thanks for any help on my questions too.


Brian Banna
bbanna -AT- sedona.intel.com
Chandler, AZ

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