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PC: N-Scale caboose decals

A bit on this subject again.  I had a talk with the owner of JnJ Trains
today and found out he manufactures the N5 caboose in 5 versions A, B, C,
D and E.  He then put me in touch with a fellow named William Mosteller
who custom makes decals.  I had a very nice conversation with Mr. Mosteller
and was informed he would be most happy to produce decals for us N-Scale
modelers as well as HO.  He put emphasis on accuracy also.  That means we
would have to supply him with the correct dimensional info for all lettering,
all dimensional data and any other markings and their sizes.  He also informed
me that Walther has an N-Scale PC caboose decal set out.  It is number 
I just ordered a set today as well as a set of boxcar decals.  If you have
any PC equipment info on things you would like to see done up, give Mr. 
a call at 703-264-8335 or visit his WEB site at www.greatdecals.com.

I am going to see how accurate the Walthers caboose decals are and if they need
improvement I will be back on the list trying to recruit you folks to help me 
the needed info to make the sheets better for us.  So please bare with me.

On that note, are there any good sources for PC car data and other necessary 
info that
would help us get CORRECT decals made?  Please email me any back issues of 
that would help and I will see if I can get them.

Thanks, I am on a mission :-).


Brian Banna
bbanna -AT- sedona.intel.com
Chandler, AZ

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