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PC: Re: RE: Brass HO PC cabin on sale

Thanks Mark-

The "close up" shot on the one in Detroit is a modeler's dream, shows the
deck wear, paint peel on roof, color for grabs, and the silly
"home-sweet-home" screen doors that transfer cabins seemed to obtain.

Garrett Rea

>It's an N6a. Reference Jim Hebner's excellent PC Caboose web site:
>Mark T. Evans
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>From: Peter A King
>Sent: Thursday, October 21, 1999 4:20 PM
>Subject: PC: Re: Brass HO PC cabin on sale
>I have one of these, though not purchased at The Caboose. I compared it to
>pictures in the PC freight car book. The bad news is that the car is
>like an N6.

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