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PC: MRing and PRR paint name

>The latest edition of MRing,Sept/Oct '99 has part 8 of the Alco PA series.
>The PRR units are covered and the author,George Melvin,refers to the
>paint as Brunswick Green several times throughout the article. So I guess
>question is this the "de facto" model press/model manufacturer,
>non-prototype modeler nomenclature for the color that is know as DGLE?

*%&#$ freight paint?  The early PRR passenger units were DLGE until tuscan
came on the scene in 1952 or so....  This is the same magazine that
supposedly stated that no NYC FAs made it to PC, it ONLY took them six
months (and several long distance phone calls) to get my subscription
correct, and they have yet to ship me my PRR hopper books that were due
September 1.  Word is they are in huge financial trouble (ie, bi-monthly
now), if they went belly-up it would not be a big loss.

I found a blueprint from PRR in the August 1980 RNE, page 22 for a E7A-B
set, the paint is stated to be as follows (note wording):

"The entire outside surface of cab above line A to be given two (2) coats of
dark green locomotive paint, PRR shade"

The units were to be repainted tuscan in 8-11-52 according to the print.

Enough PRR, what trucks do I need for my ex-NYC N6A?  I can't really make
them out in the PC color guide, and I know the question was answered before.
I must have deleted it, as it is not in my list archive.

Garrett Rea

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