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Re: PC: Paint nomenclature

Will wrote:
> Well to tell you the truth 2 years ago I didnt know either but since this
> whole thread is just about verbatim that which was on the PRR list, the EL
> list and 2 or 3 other lists I am on
> DGLE = Dark Green Locomotive Enamel....which BTW I understand was NOT an
> official RR nomenclature
Actually, "Dark Green Locomotive Enamel" *was* the official name for
what the model railroad industry calls "Brunswick Green." There was no
such thing as "Brunswick Green" on any (AFAIK) PRR documents. On the
PRR-Talk list, DGLE is used as an abbreviation for the offical name of
the "black but slightly green" color that the Pennsy painted its

Being a PRR fan myself, I sort of cringe when I see the term
"Brunswick Green", but since this is a Penn Central list, you all can
use whichever term you wish.....


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