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Re: PC: Re: PC Overpass Signs

The bridge replaced is the one on Route 66, Meridian that was blue with
yellow lettering?

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> Yes, that's the one.  I took photos of it before replacement with the PC
> advertising....now if I can find them!
> I was through Middletown just last week to catch the action on the
> shoreline.
> Rob
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> >I know that bridge, I'm going to Wesleyan in Middletown.  Its the new
> >truss over Rt. 66 right?  Sorry they replaced it.  There are also some
> >really photogenic bridges over the Coginchaug River and if I can get my
> butt
> >in gear I hope to catch some P&W action on them.  Better hurry before the
> >leaves all come down.
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