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PC: Re: PC Overpass Signs

James and all,
     I stand corrected.   I mentioned an overpass in Bristol and Meriden CT
had PC advertising.   It was in fact Middletown not Meriden that I had seen
(over CT Route 66).   The bridge in Middletown was replaced a short while
ago for road expansion.   Middletown and Meriden are close together which
accounts for my mix up.

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From: james.s.torgeson -AT- delphiauto.com <james.s.torgeson@delphiauto.com>
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Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 9:27 AM
Subject: PC: PC Overpass Signs

>Didn't a bridge in Middletown , CT also have the "....Go Penn Central"
>slogan on it until the bridge was replaced in a highway widening project? I
>believe that I took a couple pictures of it in 1982.

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