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PC: SD38 in N-Scale

For you PC modelers who model in N-Scale and would be interested
in an SD38, you will soon be able to get one.  It will be a direct
retro fit on the Kato SD40 chassis and sill unit.

A few weeks ago I decided to see what it would take to build an SD38.
To my surprise it was rather easy.  The Kato SD40 was the perfect starting
point of course so I started the venture.  I finished the project at the
beginning of this month.  Before I started it, I called Father Nature Model
Railroad Products to see if he might have one already available.  He did
not and offered to buy my master.  I declined and instead told him that he
could have it if I approved of his castings.  He sent me one and it was up
to my standards.  So I sent it off to him in exchange for six perfect castings.
The shell made it to him today and will soon be casted.

If you are interested, please contact John Kreider at crummy -AT- paonline.com and 
him know you want one.  I can assure you that the master is top quality.  I am
a perfectionist and even my own models have to go through tough scrutiny before
they are allowed in my collection or on my table.  The model is very accurate 
perfect for Penn Central.

The only other item you will need to purchase to make it even more 
representable of
a PC SD38 is a set of SD7/9 truck side frames from Atlas.  They snap right 
into the
Kato trucks and give a very good representation of the triple high mounted 
brake cylinder
trucks seen on the SD38.  In N-Scale at least.


Brian Banna
Chandler, AZ

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