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>>The preliminaries were ironed out at Altoona.
>>Those in former Pennsy territory wil pay dues of $5.
>>Those in Central territory will pay $125 to join.
>>Just kidding.
>And everyone interested in the former New Haven will
>feel left out, so the government will require the PC society
>to admit all of them for free, effective next Jan 1.

What, we have to pay dues?!?  I pulled a stunt with the local club, I told
them that since I modeled a bankrupt road they had to let me run at the club
layout and not be responsible for fees/dues.  (This did work about a
year....) After all, Jim said that the PCHS would be a non-profit
organization, so that is also like the PC itself!

History repeats......<g>

Garrett Rea

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