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PC: PC Black?

I do not want to start the whole Black/DLGE debate again, but this came from
Dear-old-Dad and PRR talk...

Garrett Rea

>><< I have always heard, and even seen reference to in a book somewhere
>> of the first PC engines were painted with left over DGLE from the PRR.

>I too was fooled and I WORKED for the PC!  I used to give out babyfood
>of Brunswick Green paint to the modellers who were not believers.  I
>remember when the first PC GE units rolled out of Erie in March or April
>1968 (I remember the snow was still flying when they were delivered) they
>sure looked BLACK to me but while they were still new and given a little
>light, and putting your eyeball right next to the unit, you could see a
>of green.  But THAT's ALL IT WAS, a HINT.
>Bill V.

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