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PC: Re: Caboose decals anyone? (N-Scale). Other things as wells.

Microscale's HO decal sheet is labeled "Penn Central Locomotives and
Cabooses" since it's an older sheet; I believe most of their older sheets
are supposed to do both, while newer ones are more specific for

Assuming the N sheet is the same, you could get away with the smaller logo
and a couple sets of lettering and make it presentable.  

If you want something wierd, PC had a handful of ex-AT&SF cabooses with the
cupola cut down and bay windows added; like in HO I think everyone's made
this caboose in N at one time or another -

Bill K.

> From: Brian Banna~ <bbanna -AT- sedona.ch.intel.com>
> To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com
> Subject: PC: Caboose decals anyone? (N-Scale).  Other things as wells.
> Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 11:45 AM
> I was curious if anyone knows of any PC caboose decals?  I have lots
> of locomotives and it is great that I can build 7 PC locomotives off
> of one Microscale decal sheet, but what about the cobooses?  Of course
> I am looking for them in N-Scale :-).
> I plan on using the Walthers bay window caboose, strip it and paint it
> for PC.
> Over the past week I have finished my first two PC locomotives.  A GP30
> and a Phase III GP9B.  I am in the weathering stage of finishing up the
> third locomotive.  A U25B.  For sometime now I have been a closet PC fan.
> I just could not get myself to model it.  I felt like I would be cheating
> myself out on my talents to paint by just painting a locomotive black.  
> Since I finished my first couple of units, I come to find it is not that
> easy to just paint black!  Especially if you want it to be a convincing
> black.  I think I have done a pretty good job with it and am going to
> continue to model PC.  Next on my slate after the U25B is another GP30
> with the red and white worm and then a GP40 with the orange and white
> After that I will start on some 6 axle SD40 and 45's.  If the stupid post
> office can find the package I sent to Father Nature a couple weeks ago
> I will have some SD38's that I kitbashed for him to cast.
> Thanks for any help on the caboose decals.
> Later
> Brian Banna
> Chandler, AZ

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