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PC: Penn Central Railroad Historical Society

Lots of questions seem to be popping up - so to save clutter on the list
here are the facts. If you have specific questions e-mail me OFF LIST. I
want keep to keep Society stuff off the general list. At the same time I
will limit the number of posts I make to the list.

We meet in Altoona last Saturday and reviewed and revised the Bylaws.
Final changes will be made this week and the incorporation process will
be started ( it should be quick )

A Board of Trustees ( 7 people ) where selected, my list is home so
rather than mix names and positions up, I'll post that later. I was
selected as President.

We will be setting up a checking account shortly. Dues were approved at
$20. All members joining during the first year will be considered
Charter Members. Any one contributing $60 during the first year will be
considered a Founding Member. the first years dues will go until Dec 31,
2000 even if paid in 1999.

A publication will be prepared - but due to start up budget - will
probably start on plain paper not glossy

Our first convention is being planned - nothing is confirmed - but if
you like traveling the second weekend in October and seeing lots of
Amish farms you might be pleased.

If you want to be on a committee or help out in some way, please contact
hebnerj -AT- clark.cc.oh.us. 

Several people contacted me before the meeting and I will be in touch
with them soon.

As soon as we are prepared for membership to join, we will post that information.

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