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PC: Re: PC relics in NE

Hello Jerry , Mike, and all,
     The Penn Central Station sign at RMNE  may be in hiding.   I'll try to
find out where it is.   The RMNE "Naugatuck Railroad" excursions are now
running out of Thomaston Station, just north of Waterbury.  Much of the
items on display in the exhibit car are now in the station itself.  The
exhibit car is not presently used.    The sign in question was for
Thompsonville CT (Enfield).  The station burned years ago and was a stop on
Amtrak at one time.   It has since been demolished.
      The Danbury RR Museum has a PC painted FA unit as well as a completely
restored N-8? (ex New Haven caboose modified by PC with a bay window).  The
caboose is in beautiful PC green and is worth a trip.   Metro North FL-9's
in New Haven livery frequent this site daily and can bring a tear to your
eye as if you were had gone back in time 30-40 years.  Although the PC
blue/yellow on these units would be exciting for us PC fans,  I am awestruck
and even take for granted how lucky CT railfans are that the state adopted
the New Haven RR's colors for all it's equipment.  Where else can you find
something like this?
    In North Haven on a siding was a PC boxcar being used for storage as
recently as last year.  I don't know if it is still there.  I believe it is
at a lumber company at a grade crossing, easily visible by car.    If you
can get to Springfield Mass., there was a PC baggage car at the Amtrak
Station which may still be there.   Can anyone confirm this??     Bristol
and Meriden CT  both had roadway  overpass signs identical to the one Jerry
described till the past few years, but both are gone now.
    Don't know of any other "PC relics" nearby but will pass on to the list
if I stumble on any.
     BTW, great news on the PCRRHS.   Can't wait to join!


Mike wrote:
>> My PC question is: I now now am going to school in New Haven zone of New
>> Englande.  I was wondering if there are any PENN-central relics around

Jerry wrote:
>The Railroad Museum of New England has a PC station sign in its exhibit
>car, but I can't remember now what the town name is. (Rob Carlo, you
>out there?)
>On the Metro-North New Haven Line, there is a bridge over Rt. 162 (Saw
>Mill Rd.) in West Haven with the painted advertisement "Boston or N.Y.?
>GO PENN CENTRAL!" on the north side of the bridge. At least it was there
>as of a year ago.
>> I know there is a green PC sign at the New Haven terminal.
>Where? I missed that one......
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