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When will the rest of us be able to join???

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From: Lon Godshall <longodshall -AT- webtv.net>
To: penn-central -AT- smellycat.com <penn-central@smellycat.com>
Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: PC: Caboose decals anyone? (N-Scale). Other things as wells.

<<<I was curious if anyone knows of any PC caboose decals? I have lots
of locomotives and it is great that I can build 7 PC locomotives off of
one Microscale decal sheet, but what about the cobooses? Of course I am
looking for them in N-Scale :-). >>>

Ohhh, that scale.
Sorry, you are are your own.
BTW, your question about the printing under the PC numbers and above the
black boxes. The left side small print is weight of caboose and the left
side is class. 
BTW if anyone is interested in HO scale caboose decals and other PC odds
n ends, I met a fella, Mike Bradley I believe, who has some custom made.
They are fantastic and letter 3-4 cars I believe he said. He also has
nice red "P" decals.

<<<I plan on using the Walthers bay window caboose, strip it and paint
it for PC.>>>

Let us know how they turn out.

You guys missed a great weekend in the holy city of Altoona.
Great vittles at Hoss's, great train watching, and... we actually held a

Member PCRRHS # (somewhere between 1 and 10)

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