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PC: PC relics in NE

Evil Mike wrote:
> Hey, you can'y spell Penn-Central with out Penn.  Just a joke, no disrespect
> intended.

I'm not against the PRR maps being announced on the list, but it's the
"me-too" messages sent to *everyone* that really get on my nerves......
> My PC question is: I now now am going to school in New Haven zone of New
> Englande.  I was wondering if there are any PENN-central relics around here.
The Railroad Museum of New England has a PC station sign in its exhibit
car, but I can't remember now what the town name is. (Rob Carlo, you
out there?)

On the Metro-North New Haven Line, there is a bridge over Rt. 162 (Saw
Mill Rd.) in West Haven with the painted advertisement "Boston or N.Y.?
GO PENN CENTRAL!" on the north side of the bridge. At least it was there
as of a year ago.

> I know there is a green PC sign at the New Haven terminal.

Where? I missed that one......


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