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Re: PC: Re: Caboose decals anyone? (N-Scale). Other things as wells.

Thank you bill for the advice on the caboose decals.  I took a look at Mr. Jim
Hebner's PC caboose page and you are very correct.  I can use the locomotive 
sheet and get the road number and PENN CENTRAL from it.  I know I can get the 
labels as well.  I think off of a freight car data sheet I can get the two 
boxes side by side with data in them as seen in Jim's photo 


I can most likely also piece together the NXX class number.

There is though one item of text I do not know what it says.  Looking in the 
listed above, you will see a series of white text under the tail end of the 
number.  Does anyone know what this says?  Also there is a little piece of 
text just
to the left of the black boxes right along the bottom edge of the sill.  Does 
have an idea of what this says?  It would be easy to have a place like Rail 
Graphics make
me up my own special caboose sets with all the necessary text.



Brian Banna
Chandler, AZ

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