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Re: PC: Fw: PRR Accounting Maps

Dear Lee

The maps are excellent....however when I try to save the map with a right
click it saves it as an html document.  Any way you could email me map 14
as an attachment.  I have an unlimited email box quota so it wont get
bounced back to you.


On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, weldon wrote:

>Update!  All 28 Division maps are up and running.  I re-formated as GIF
>files, so the quality is less than the original Jpegs, but this mostly
>affects the background color.  Go to the site listed below, and go to Photo
>Album under the PRR folder.  You can right click and save them to your
>system if you like.  I also have included the map index under "Files" in the
>PRR folder to help you locate your specific interest.
>Thanks, Enjoy the Maps!
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Lee Weldon <railhead1 -AT- visto.com>
>To: weldon -AT- fastol.com <weldon@fastol.com>
>Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 8:27 AM
>Subject: PRR Accounting Maps
>>PRR 1941 maps are now under construction.  Other topics and maps can be
>added as well.
>>You'll be an interactive member with me and other PRR/PC/CR fans.  We can
>exchange photos, send group messages, organize group events through an
>interactive calendar and more.
>>Just click on the link below to join us:
>>Get Visto!  The simple way to plan events, share information and stay in
>touch with friends and family.
>>Check it out at http://www.visto.com/info

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