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PC: Fw: PRR Accounting Maps

Update!  All 28 Division maps are up and running.  I re-formated as GIF
files, so the quality is less than the original Jpegs, but this mostly
affects the background color.  Go to the site listed below, and go to Photo
Album under the PRR folder.  You can right click and save them to your
system if you like.  I also have included the map index under "Files" in the
PRR folder to help you locate your specific interest.
Thanks, Enjoy the Maps!

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Date: Monday, October 18, 1999 8:27 AM
Subject: PRR Accounting Maps

>PRR 1941 maps are now under construction.  Other topics and maps can be
added as well.
>You'll be an interactive member with me and other PRR/PC/CR fans.  We can
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