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PC: Caboose decals anyone? (N-Scale). Other things as wells.

I was curious if anyone knows of any PC caboose decals?  I have lots
of locomotives and it is great that I can build 7 PC locomotives off
of one Microscale decal sheet, but what about the cobooses?  Of course
I am looking for them in N-Scale :-).

I plan on using the Walthers bay window caboose, strip it and paint it
for PC.

Over the past week I have finished my first two PC locomotives.  A GP30
and a Phase III GP9B.  I am in the weathering stage of finishing up the
third locomotive.  A U25B.  For sometime now I have been a closet PC fan.
I just could not get myself to model it.  I felt like I would be cheating
myself out on my talents to paint by just painting a locomotive black.  
Since I finished my first couple of units, I come to find it is not that
easy to just paint black!  Especially if you want it to be a convincing
black.  I think I have done a pretty good job with it and am going to
continue to model PC.  Next on my slate after the U25B is another GP30
with the red and white worm and then a GP40 with the orange and white worm.
After that I will start on some 6 axle SD40 and 45's.  If the stupid post
office can find the package I sent to Father Nature a couple weeks ago then
I will have some SD38's that I kitbashed for him to cast.

Thanks for any help on the caboose decals.


Brian Banna
Chandler, AZ

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