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Re: PC: Logansport Area

E. J. Caylor wrote:

>I found Yard A pretty easily, and wondered around some of the 
>abandoned grounds looking at remanents of the trackage & hardware that 
>used to be there.  There was still a Conrail sign informing what 
>number to call in case of a chemical spill.  I was pretty bleached out 
>from the sun, but I got a shot of it hoping to be able to tell what 
>all it said.  What was really neat was an old PRR boxcar, minus 
>wheelsets, sitting on the yard grounds used as storage barn.  

Its too bad you weren't there several years ago, because there used
to be a very neatly lettered sign on the yard office that read "Conrail
Logansport Terminal - No Lost Time Injuries 1978-1979", but I'm
sure it disappeared when the buildings there were torn down, some-
time after 1987 or so.  Of course, by 1978 the handwriting was on the 
wall for Logansport, since all mainlines except the old I&F Branch 
from Indianapolis had been severed or downgraded.  So I suppose 
a good safety record was easier to achieve in 1978 than when it was
a major PRR and PC terminal.

I last stopped by there in 1996, and all the Yard A buildings, fuel
facilities, most of the tracks, etc. had been removed since my prior
visits.  Never caught anything running, unfortunately.

Charles Streetman
Glen Ellyn, IL
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