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PC: Railfans of America Unite!

Are you like me? Are you fed up and sick and tired of having basically four railroads left to watch?  Sure, there are the regionals and the occasional shortline, but for regular scheduled, consistant action, we are stuck with BNSF, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Union Pacific.  The only variety we get is if an old engine that hasn't made it to the paint shop rolls by, or if there is leased power in the lash-up.
I propose the following:  We the rail-fanning public should initiate a campaign via e-mail, to encourage the Big Four to celebrate their heritage with a little more than lip service.  Wouldn't it give us something to look forward to, if each of the predecessor railroads, at least in the Diesel era, were represented by a modern diesel adapted with a predecessor's paint scheme.
Imagine, a Pennsy Dash 8 in Brunswick Green with 5 pin stripes, or a Western Maryland SD90MAC in Red White and Black.  And wouldn't that BNSF Green and Orange look a lot better if it said "Great Northern" on the side?  Union Pacific is the only one that wouldn't have to do much, but it could still roll out representatives of the WP, MoPac and Rio Grande.
All of the big four have websites and e-mail to their marketing people.  Let me know what you think.

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