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PC: 1941 PRR maps

Hey, all.
Sorry I can't join you in Altoona.  I was just out there a couple months ago.  It's a shame to see Conrail go, but if you look at those NS engines with your eyes crossed, the black and white almost looks like PC.  (the difference is there are no track joints creaking, and the equipment is maintained!)
The ICC should have let this happen 40 years ago.  There would still be a Pennsylvania Railroad (and probably a Central, too)
I am writing to let you all know that I have a complete set of 1941 PRR accounting department maps, that break the system down by division.  I have scanned in a number of them as jpegs.  The originals are 8-1/2 x 11, and have the specific divisions shown in red, with connections in black.  Pretty cool.  Every station is marked.  I'd send a sample here, but they are pretty massive and take a few minutes to download. (I scanned them in color to get the map markings, and the "old paper" look eats up a lot of bytes.)
If you are interested in a particular map, I'll be happy to zap one to you directly as an attachment.  Again, these are from 1941, and show the system at its pre-war peak.
See you...
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