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Re: PC: Re: PCHS Meeting this Saturday!

Sorry you can't make it - may be next time

Thanks for the tips , I have never been there ( I'm more of a green team person) plan to see the curve and tunnel too

Jim Hebner

Every Macintosh computer ever built is Y2K compliant.
Apple might not have got everything right, but at least
they knew the century was going to end...

>>> <ebulman -AT- caregroup.harvard.edu> - 10/14/99 2:36 PM >>>
I thought that I could accommodate a last minute trip out, but as it turns out I
can't. I hope that you all achieve great things out there.

If you can spare the time, you should try to get out to the Hollidaysburg car
shops. From the road parallel to the car storage area, you can get some pretty
close shots of PC gondolas (as of mid-July, anyway). There are a few ex-PC
SW1500s roaming around the Altoona area as well.


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