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PC: Manuals available online

To everyone who is interested in the PRR E44 electric locomotive operators manual and the EMD GP35 operators manual, they are now posted on-line and downloadable. No more worries about the size of your mailbox (sounds personal). Email me privately and I will send you the URL and password to retrieve the files. (I don't want to just post it for everyone, plus I'm interested to see if interest is high enough to keep scanning other stuff). 

Thanks for everyone bearing with me while I struggled with the file sizes (if anyone is really masochistic, I have the E44 manual with the pictures done as jpegs. File size on that turkey is 17 meg).

Anyone who requested the manual as an email but hasn't gotten it yet, smack me upside the head again and I'll send you the download site.

Ed Portzline
mushroom2 -AT- zdnetonebox.com - email
(202) 777-2644 ext. 1193 - voicemail/fax

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