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PC: Logansport Area

Just got back from my trip to Logansport about an hour ago.  What a great
trip!  I got some greeat pictures, & probably lost one of the best shots
I could get.  I was setting up to shoot Elm interlocking (it still had
the Conrail blue & white "ELM" sign on the interlocking cabin, when right
behind it on the NS main rolled past a Conrail SD60M sublettered for the
PRR!  I was soooo close to getting it, but I was too close to get both
the train & the cabin.  Bob, I also got a fairly decent shot of Yard B
with the help of my zoom lens.  

I found Yard A pretty easily, and wondered around some of the abandoned
grounds looking at remanents of the trackage & hardware that used to be
there.  There was still a Conrail sign informing what number to call in
case of a chemical spill.  I was pretty bleached out from the sun, but I
got a shot of it hoping to be able to tell what all it said.  What was
really neat was an old PRR boxcar, minus wheelsets, sitting on the yard
grounds used as storage barn.  

Yard C was a little harder to find, but I did get a shot of where VAN
Interlocking was.  

Through the whole trip, I was amazed at how much Conrail articles were
left, seeing how Conrail doesn't own it anymore.  At one spot, I even saw
Conrail paper No Tresspassing sign stapled up to trees,& they were still
in really good condition.  I thought that this trackage was abandoned by
CR long ago.  After seeing all of this trackage, i'd love to hear
anything on the Conrail/PC/PRR trackage through Logansport.  

E.J. Caylor
Central Indiana Railroad Information Network

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