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PC: PC gon sighting (again) and brown box car

I think I saw the cut of PC gons that's been mentioned previously on this
	6-7 cars, all beat up, most of them NYC'd, and one had an orange C logo
visible on it....   all 59,000 series cars.   I didnt take pictures since
they were so trashed, if that 2-color logo had been all there instead of
halfway I would have shot it though.

Also, in the new RMC in the article on U33C's there are some pictures of RI
units at Naparano for scrap.  In the background of the lower shot, a cut of
CR and PC box cars shows...   One of the cars is clearly in full Penn
Central lettering, but it's brown (the door looks like it might have once
been green)... Anyone know if this car was really brown, or if the green
paint fell off but then lettering didn't?  it looks like a 280000 series or
similar, 60 foot car with a single door, but I couldn't make out the
numbers.  Only thing I can think of is it either had PRR red used up on it,
or got relettered over PRR paint...   ?

Bill K.

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