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Re: PC: PC Historical Society

We are meeting Oct 16 9am in the Railroaders Museum Board room in Altoona to hopefully approve Bylaws , select officers and start. The meeting is small about 10 are planning to come. You are welcome too.

Some of us (two or three at this point) are meeting for an informal supper Friday night.

I am sure we will do some railfanning Sunday but nothing is formalized yet

I put everyone who indicated interest on the Jerry's PC list on a maillist a few months ago. If you were interested and I missed you I am very sorry.

The proposed bylaws may be viewed at 

If you can not make the meeting on this short of notice but want to play a part in the organization let me know how you would like to fit in.

I'll add you to the PCHS list that I use to mail to the others

Lodging seems to to be tight in Altoona - someone found out they could come at the late last week and is having trouble finding a room.

Gene Fusco will be there from Colorado (the meeting coincided with his vacation plans) Jerry Jordak is still not sure his schedule will permit it

Hope this answers your question - If you have any more please let me know.

Jim Hebner

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What's the status of the PC Historical Society?



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