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PC: Re: Suggested web page

  In a message to the Penn Central list dated 8 October 1999, Bob Holzweiss 

<< In addition to Jerry's excellent pics on his web page try the following 
link for a whole slew of new (at least to me) PC pics (locomotive and rolling 

<<  http://members.uss.net/jgehrett/pc/locos.htm  >>

  "...new (at least to me) PC pics..."!  Bob, you're obviously suffering from 
a severe case of short term memory loss, since you've forgotten that some of 
these are the very same pictures you refered to at the beginning of your 
sentence, i.e., "Jerry's excellent pics on his web page."

  Jim Gehrett acknowledges that the pictures on his home page have been taken 
from other sites, and the original owners (including myself - that's my JPG 
of PC 264627 that I sent to Jerry's site long ago), well, while they may not 
be too concerned about "copyright" at this point, there is still such a thing 
a "netiquette," which I would think dictates that one at least credits the 
photos one has "borrowed."
  In addition to his PC page, there's a section full of Pennsy freight car 
images that also appear to have been "lifted," lifted out of their original 
locations, where they often were accompanied by captions that provided 
information about the cars.
  Therefore, the end result of having them slapped up at Jim Gehrett's site 
is that the images have lost some of their value.

      Tom Jelinek

      Bx39crle -AT- aol.com

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